Союз медицинского сообщества «Национальная Медицинская Палата»

To the organizers and participants of the Congress

Homoeopathy in our days is a part of a clinical medicine and is actively developing. Its scientific and practical potential is deepening, the indications for its use are extending. Homoeopathy is applied in 80 countries throughout the world being in different legal terms: as a private activity or as a part of a state medicine.

The 1-st Eurasian Congress on Homeopathic Medicine is held simultaneously with 25-th Congress of Asian Homeopathic Medical League.  In many Asian countries homeopathy is integrated in modern medicine.

Homeopathy in India and some other Asian countries reveal many positive effects for the chronic difficult to treat diseases.  These effects has led to the creation of a wide network of homeopathic medical centers in these countries.

Russian homeopathy also has its glorious history, since the works of the outstanding researcher S. N. Korsakov, who created the technological method for homeopathic medicines used throughout the world.

A great contribution to the development of homeopathy in Russia was done by the national schools of homeopathy – the Moscow and the Leningrad schools. Many medical doctors are trained in accordance of these schools.

Despite the fact that the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines is still under study, the practice of homeopathy has shown efficacy in many cases.

Germany in 2015 introduced the proposal to consider homeopathy as a “non-material cultural heritage of humanity”, registered by UNESCO.

I wish the participants of the Congress successful work.

President of the Union

“National Medical Chamber”

 Roshal_sign Leonid M.Roshal
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