AHMLThe Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) was founded in 1986 at Puna, the city of India. The eminent Homeopaths of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka got together and decided to form an organization of Asian Homeopath after the protest walkout during Liga Medicorum Internationlis, the then the only homeopathic organisation of the world.

The main point of protest is that the American and European Homeopath were basically allopathic doctors. The Asian homeopath which basically 100 % homeopath who qualified a full 5 yeаrs from full homeopathic medical college, were not given the right to vote and permission to sit in the scientific season of the Liga congresses, where as large number of homeopatha are all in Asian region.

Due to this discrimination The Asian senior and eminent homeopaths walk out of the Liga Congress in 1986 and formed the Asian Homeopathic Medical League – AHML. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Fiji, Brunei, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, South Africa, are its member countries.

In it first meeting, Dr Jugal Kishore (India) was elected as the first President, Dr P.Panday was its second President ( India), Third was Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ( Pakistan), fourth – Dr Giriendal Pal (India).

So far AHML has conducted 24th International Congresses in different Asian countries. The 25th will be in Russia from 14 – 15th October 2016. AHML is a non political organization, it purpose is to uplift for the betterment of homeopathic system through all its member countries by National Vice Presidents. The basic aim of this organization are:

  • to promote and coordination of professional activities in the field of education, research and dissemination of homeopathic knowledge.
  • to encourage and persuade the establishment of homeopathic research institution, hospital, pharmacies and dispensaries at the government and semi government levels.
  • to conduct basic and clinical research in the field of drugs proving.


A brief history of the Russian homeopathic Association

The first public Association of homeopathists, organized on the initiative of the Moscow government in 1989 in the former  USSR was Moscow Homeopathic Association (MHA). In the  MHA more than 2,000 doctors from different regions of Russia learned homeopathy and then started up their  homeopathic practice. Many researches were organized in a number of academic and research institutions (the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of pathology, Russian Research chemical-pharmaceutical Institute, Russian Institute of medicinal and aromatic plants etc.). After that on the initiative of Russian medical  doctors, who studied homeopathy in MHA, in 1992 Russian homoeopathic Association (RHA) was organized. MHA became Moscow part of the RHA. This period was the heyday, the period of an unusual rise of Russian homeopathy because many medical doctors  searched for effective methods to help their patients. Many doctors joined the Association that time (about 2000).

The main goals and objectives of the RHA:
• to promote the dissemination of knowledge in the field of homeopathy among medical doctors and the population;
• to promote professional dialogue, exchange of experience and the optimal use of homeopathy;
• to protect the interests of homeopathy on all levels and in all directions.

Within 10 years the RHA conducted annual congresses and conferences with international participation under the motto “Ecology and homeopathy” jointly with the health care Committee of the State Duma. The Moscow part of the RHA holds a monthly workshops for homeopathists  since 1996 to the present time. The RHA had its representatives in the committees of the Government and the state Duma of Russia. They participated  in the preparation of “The Principles of legislation on health care” (1993) and of the RF Law “On medicines” (1998). Nowadays representatives of the Association participate in work of relevant committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council. RHA constantly interacted and  continues to interact with the Russian Ministry of health care.

Dr. N. A..Zamarenov was elected the President of the Association and he successfully  leads it throughout time. In 2015. The RHA celebrated its 25th anniversary, and in 2017 will celebrate 25 years of official registration in Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation.

In 1993, the RHA joined  Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationale (LMHI). The Russian representative in the Liga, was elected President of the RHA Zamarenov N. A. Under leadership of Zamarenov Russian homeopathists delegations regularly participated at international LMHI congresses and other international organizations and centers. The Association was the initiator and main driving force in the conducting of the 47th LMHI Congress in Moscow in 2002. Zamarenov N.A. was elected the President of this Congress. In 1995, the RHA joined the European Committee for homeopathy (ECH). The vice President of the  RHA Buryakova I. V. is the main coordinator in this relations.  

The Brief History of Russian professional medical traditional and folk medicine Association

Many people in Russia are interested  in natural healing both as healers and patients. In some regions, for example in the Republic of Buryatia, Tuva, Khakassia, Kalmykia, Yakutia, traditional medicine is an integral part of cultural traditions. Old russian traditions of healing  now also revive old, such as visceral massage, honey massage and several others.

Russian professional medical Association of traditional and folk medicine specialists medicine was organized in 1991 for persons engaged in the treatment and rehabilitation using a variety of methods traditional/folk medicine, not previously recognized by the state medicine, but demanded by people.

The first President of the Association was F. N. Romashov, doctor of medical Sciences, laureate of the state prize of the USSR,  surgeon, which by now is an honorary Professor of the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship.

The Association has gained the most fame  under the guidance of renowned psychiatrist, Professor Ya. G. Galperin, who was at the origins of the Russian school of addiction, and assisted even the son of Joseph Stalin. The main objective of the first steps of activity  was to develop education, organizing lecturers, classes and training in various methods and also in basic medical level for those without medical education.

Currently the Association is headed by V. V. Egorov, Russia’s leading specialist on legal issues and public health organization in the field of traditional and folk medicine. Previously he worked as the Deputy Director of Federal scientific clinical-experimental center of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment, the assistant to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on health care, and now he is Vice-Chairman of the Expert Council of the abovementioned Committee, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of health care of the Russian Federation, member of the Board of the National Medical Chamber.

Nowadays  many different specialists (Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Hyrudotherapy, Apitherapy,  old Russian healing methods, traditional Chinese, Indian, Tibetan medicine, various massage and manual therapy, as well the particular methods of psychological correction of health) joined the Association.

The current objectives of the Association is to create conditions;

  • for experience exchange between traditional and folk specialists,
  • to exchange experience between the representatives of classic and holistic medicine,
  • to summarize scientific study and practical experience, promoting knowledge of traditional/folk medicine for citizens wishing to acquire safe methods of self- aid,
  • to represent mutual professional  interests public and health care authorities.
  • consulting on legal organization of professional activity in this direction such as training, healing, recovering technique,  equipment, raw materials, preparats.

In the period from 1995 to 2001, the experts of the Association participated in the issuance for the traditional/folk medicine specialists  state licenses. From 2005 to 2010 the experts of the Association were involved in the System of voluntary certification of folk medicine services. Also, since 1997 persons proved in Association their  qualification received health care authorization to engage in folk medicine .
In 2008, the Association was re-registered with an existing name. Federal institution Roszdravnadzor in 2008 signed with the Association a cooperation Agreement/ The Association became an executive partner in advisory and expert functions, entrusted to explain the methods belonging to folk or traditional medicine, etc.
In 2010, professional medical status of the Association was confirmed by the adoption as a member of National Medical Chamber” under the guidance of the doctor L..M. Roshal.

During its 25-year history, the Association has established and has conducted more than 60 different scientific  and practical activities of regional, interregional, national and international levels: Forums, Conferences, Congresses, where medical doctors and scientists share their experience of studying and  using plants, leeches, bees, homeopathic remedies and a variety of different methods with their colleagues and popularize their knowledge about the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine and their possibility to healing. The most known international Forums are: “Integrative medicine” (7 forums), Russian Congress “Complementary medicine” (3 forums), the First Congress on traditional medicine of the SCO, the  BRICS, the EAU countries, the  First Russian Congress on Ayurveda, Conference on recovering methods, dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of academician A..Amosov. All these activities were conducted with the support of the Ministry of health care  of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation and National Medical Chamber

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