Key Speakers

Konovalov Alexandr I
Konovalov Alexandr I.

Konovalov Alexandr I. – RAS academician, professor, chemist. He was awarded by the State prize. The domain of his special interest is self-organization of water.

Lobyshev Valentin I

Lobyshev Valentin I., Distinguished Professor of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor, Dr.Phys.Math. Sci. , biophysicist. His Interests particularly are focusing on physic-chemical properties of water.

Dr. S. M. Singh

Dr. S. M. SinghDirector, Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Allahabad. He is the author of the book “Man in Health” which examines many topical issues of ecology, nutrition, hygiene and the possibility of homeopathy to maintain health, despite numerous violations.Dr. S.

Dr. Sayed Tanvir Hussain

Dr. Sayed Tanvir Hussain, MD, Homeopathic Doctor (especialy Materia medica, Organon, Phylosophy of Homeopathy) , сelebrated homeopath practicing since 18 years. He has vast experience in treatment of Uterine fibroids, Hepatitis and Cancer management. He was awarded several times for his contribution in homeopathy, including researches of Cancer, Hepatitis and AIDS.  He is Director at Dr. Tanvir’s Homoeopathic Cancer Care Centre, Patron of Health Point Organization, etc.

Dr Girish Gupta

Dr Girish Gupta, secretary general of AHML, consultant-orthopedics at Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City (India)

Dr. SS Makker

Dr. SS Makker, Qualified Veterinarian from one of the Most Prestigious University of India. He is glad to share his 30 years of Experience of use of Homoeopathy in the field of Veterinary Science


Dr M K Sahani

Dr M K Sahani, expert on homeopathic pharmacy, the author of manual book “Principles and Practice of Homeophatic Pharmacy for Students”

Invited VIP –  persons:

Dr. Peter Fisher (Great Britain)

Dr. Renzo Galassi (Italy)

Dr. Pareek (India)

Dr. Menachem Oberbaum (Israil)

Dr. Marta Marzotto (Italy)

Dr. Ives Maille (France)

We receive already consent to participate in the Congress from such VIP persons as  academician of Russian Science Academy A. I. Konovalov (Kazan University), academician N.L.Shymanowski (Head of the Chair of molecular pharmacology RNIMU), Professor I. A. Yamskov (Research Institute of Organoelement compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Professor P. Bellavite or his collaborates(the University of Verona).

The list of the key speakers is still clarifying.

The members’ list will be updated.
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