Of the First Eurasian Congress on homeopathic medicine/25-th Congress of Asian Homeopathic Medical League

Common part. Joint Congress -1-st Eurasian Congress on Homeopathic medicine and 25-th congress of Asian Homeopathic Medical League took place in Moscow on the 14-15th of October 2016. There were more than 350 participants,i.e. specialists in homeopathy from 16 countries including Russia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Germany, Holland and so on. There were more than 90 reports on modern homeopathy topics, including:  fundamental theoretic and experimental researches high diluted substances influence on various biological objects, results of clinical observations and investigations, and opportunities for healing of chronic illnesses of adults and children of different ethiology. Also were discussed results of application of veterinary homeopathic preparations for treatment of  different pathology in various species of domestic, farm and circus animals.

In the frames of Congress there was held a “round table” involving the questions of the regulation of legislation in the sphere of homeopathic medicines,  round table discussion on health of children living in the megapolis. as well as a Symposium on viscumtherapy. Also there were  4 lectures on other topics: antibioticoresistance, water properties, self-regulation opportunities, European projects of integrative medicine.

Stating part:

After the reports and proposed methodological approaches, members of Congress came to the mutual conclusion and confirmation that  homeopathy is very useful in medical and veterinary practices. Positive examples of treatment were given by specialists from different countries. These examples  illustrated the high efficiency of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of various pathologies, especially, of chronic, non-communicable diseases, oncology, surgical diseases of adults and children and so on. Results of pilot and large clinical investigations were presented. .

Uncontrolled and unjustified use of antibiotics increases the resistance of microorganisms, and population allergisation. This circumstance is recognized by the medical and veterinary community and points to the need for a new scientific approach in the treatment and prevention of infections. In this regard, members of Congress agreed on the  options of combined therapy with the use of homeopathic medicines or homeopathic ways of  treatment and prevention of various diseases. The results of presented studies  showed that homeopathy is an effective method of treating human and animal diseases, including those almost impossible to treat. The problem of antibiotic resistance and related allergies requires urgent introduction of homeopathic treatment in public health of all countries? Especially in those countries where Governments are interested in the health of the population.

In the pediatric field various options for the treatment of children with complex modern neurological disorders, including autism, cerebral palsy and others were considered.  Many leading pediatricians, pulmonologists and immunologists etc. participated. The participants focused also on environmental and other harmful factors that affect the child living in megapolis. Homeopathy may prevent many associated risks for such children..

In the section for the phenomena of homeopathy study great interest was aroused by the presentations on the mechanisms of homeopathic influence. The speakers disclosed new scientific ideas about the properties of high diluted and potentiated solutions/ Such position was based on their  biophysical effects on the regulation of biochemical processes in biological systems. Experimental studies (pre – and post-conditioning) were performed on a variety of models and allowed to reveal new scientific aspects in the realisation of homeopathic effects and to ensure indisputable results. Theoretical studies and experiments on model systems have confirmed existing clinical homeopathy patterns created scientific basis for further scientific researches in this section pharmacology.

The section on the use of homeopathy in veterinary medicine was of a great interest. Speakers speaking on examples of treatment of animals of different species showed the practical effectiveness and promising application of homeopathic medicines. In some reports the evidence of economic effectiveness of the therapy was demonstrated.

Roundtable on organizational and legal issues of homeopathy in Russia, gathered a large number of Russian homeopaths. Realizing the importance of  homeopathic care integration, the participants proposed necessity of more intensive use and implementation of Homeopathy into the existing health system.

Congress participants consider it reasonable to accept and to adopt as the basis the experience accumulated in the BRICS countries, especially in India where homeopathy is more than half a century widely used in traditional medicine along with other methods of treatment, is recognized at the state level and is deeply implemented in the health care system.

Resolutive part

Therefore, having in mind the positive results of homeopathic treatment, no side effects, low cost drugs, Congress believes it is vital to recognize homeopahic method of treatment as an obligatory part of a state policy in the field of health. There is a need  to improve the existing normative-legal regulation, and, in turn, will create favorable conditions for the development of the medical industry and  strengthening the health of the population

Positive clinical experience accumulated in different countries show the efficacy of homeopathy in diseases that are difficult to treat, especially in comorbid and polymorbid patients/ This position allows members of Congress to come to a conclusion about the necessity of active introduction of homeopathy in health care and farms.

Assessing the entirety of the presentations and evidence presented, the participants of the Congress unanimously resolved:

  • There is a need to continue national and international researches on the fundamentals of homeopathy, using all possibilities of modern science. To recommend to the manufacturers of homeopathic drugs to create the international Fund for grant funding of fundamental scientific research in homeopathy.
  • Congress noted the high level of development of homoeopathy in India, the broad use of it in rendering assistance to the population, the consolidated nature of the relationship between the different fields of medicine that should be used as a positive example of health organization at the state level.
  • Congress finds it appropriate to include the exchange of homeopathic experience as a part in the States-participants of the SCO and BRICS in the international health development program.
  • Congress proposes to develop a program of world-wide introduction of homoeopathy in health care, in the state programs of medical assistance to the population, as well as improvement of normative-legal regulation.
  • Congress proposes to develop a program of wide introduction of homeopathy in the system of farm and agriculture, as well as improvement of legal regulation of the industry.


All the findings and conclusions specified in this resolution are contained in materials of the Congress, confirmed by documents, research reports and examinations provided by the authors of the materials

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