To the participants of the International Homoeopathic Congress

The homeopathic method, formed over 200 years ago in Germany, is now widely spread around the world.
This method is developing in more than 80 countries and there are conducting necessary researches.

Recently in Europe the world Congress on integrative medicine with the support of WHO was held. Scientists and doctors from different countries discussed the unsolved issues of modern medicine and concluded that integration of different methods may improve the efficacy of the treatment and the patient’s quality of life. The homeopathic method of treatment can also be integrated into the healthcare system to improve the efficiency.

Scientific foundation of the low doses effect of homeopathic medicines is not yet completed. But the biological and medical view of human being also continue to evolve. We hope that appearing new understanding of the evolution of protein, new datas about the features of DNA and other datas from new advanced studies will clarify the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines.

I hope that the Congress will contribute also to this problem and will allow us to make wider use of the homeopathic method for treatment of people.

I wish success to all participants of the Congress!

Academician (RAS), professor                                            Vadim G.Zilov

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