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For participants of the 1-st Eurasian Congress of Homeopathic Medicine/25-th Congress of Asian Homeopathic Medical League

Dear participants!

Homeopathy as a curative method was born in XVIII century in Europe (France and Germany). With pride I can say that already 200 years France is considered to be the birthplace of homeopathy. Since the Tsarist Decree in 1833, Russia has also developed homeopathic traditions.

In France, the credibility of homeopathy  is due to a serious tradition. Competent French doctor knows how to combine homeopathy with other actual therapeutic methods and means, achieving the optimal result for the patient. Moreover, the homeopathic method  is recognized as the state health care on equal terms with other medicines covered by the public insurance system of France. And the results of the independent research of Association AFIPA (French Association of Pharmaceutical manufacturers in defense of responsible self-medication)and the Openhealth  concluded that it BOIRON – a manufacturer of homeopathic medicines – got a preference for French patients in 2015.

This year France and Russia are celebrating the 50th anniversary in the field of scientific and technical cooperation. I am sure that the French experience will help the development and further implementation of the homeopathic method in modern medical practice in Russia.

The French group “BOIRON”, the oldest homeopathic company in Europe, which was developed, standardized and patented the most important technologies of today. “Boiron” homeopathic raised homeopathic medicines jn one step with the latest achievements of pharmaceutical industry.

Appreciating the high  potential of Russia, company “BOIRON” expressed keen interest in organizing this Congress and acted as its General sponsor.

I wish the participants of the Congress success in their fruitful work!

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