To the participants of the first Eurasian Congress
for homeopathic medicine
and 25-th Congress of Homeopathic Medical League

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the State Duma Committee on health protection and me personally I welcome You to the opening of the First Eurasian Congress of homeopathic medicine and the 25-th international Congress of the Asian homeopathic League.

Homeopathic medicine is proven by a few centuries of successful practice and applied in many countries of the world.

Modern science has yet to elucidate the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines. But it is well known that homeopathic medicines do not have side effects common to other preparats.

The fact that leading experts and specialists, representatives of professional communities will participate in this forum for exchanging experience, results of clinical observations in the treatment of various pathologies inspires confidence that this forum will give a positive impulse for national health systems  and for attention of practitioners to the possibilities of homeopathy.

The issues of legislative regulation of medicines, including homeopathic remedies,  reviewed by the Committee on health protection state Duma. This Committee established the Expert Council on improvement of normative legal regulation in the field of complementary medicine.

I am confident that the joint efforts of the professional community, Expert Council and State regulators at the forum will be very useful to solve a number of professional homeopathic issues  at national and international level.

I wish the participants of the Congress successful work!

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on health protection     S. Y.Furgal


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